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Multicultural Ireland Events

Our aims are to support individuals & groups from communities to embrace their culture and share it with friends & neighbours.

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The Pride of Cork Award 2024

Cordelia Oseh

Our next award goes to Cordelia Oseh, originally from Nigeria and who came to Ireland in1999. It changed her life and Ireland became Heaven on earth for her. A promise land.

She fell in love with her local community and became very interested in helping local communities with the different cultural communities living in Ireland and especially in Cork to achieve better integration into the Irish social fabric. Cordelia founded Multicultural Ireland in 2012. It was set up to empower minority groups and the wider community with the intent of improving communication on a grassroots level by building confidence, self-esteem, social opportunities and community inclusion.

Multicultural Ireland creates social events though a celebration of world cultures, which promotes integration by “discovering our similarities by celebrating our differences”. Cordelia strongly believes in embracing each other’s cultural heritage and celebrating what we have in common whilst understanding each other’s differences.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome Cordelia Oseh to accept The Pride of Cork Award 2024

Cork Multicultural Day 2017

Backed by both City and County Councils, sponsored by Guinness, supported by the Creative Ireland Programme and with RED FM as media partners the event is fast becoming a key annual event on the city and county social calendar with considerable public, business and media interest in this year’s celebration.

An event for all generations it is also an opportunity to enhance cultural awareness and to remind people of the similarities and differences among cultures.

The day is a full day’s activities of cultural presentations commencing at 2pm followed by food and music for the evening.

The ambiance in the hall is jovial creating a great networking atmosphere for learning about the different communities, exchanging details, discussing upcoming events, resources, etc. and most of all having fun!

The event is in its 6th year and this will be its third year in city halls millennium hall. It grows from strength to strength each year with increasing participation and attendance. Some amazing performances have been witnessed over the years and this short video of last year’s event gives a real flavour of the day’s activities.

Cork Multicultural Day 2018

What we intend to achieve

Cork Multicultural Day is an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and our commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect and to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Cork society.
This community event for all generations is also an opportunity to enhance cultural awareness and to remind people of the similarities and differences among cultures. In addition to being a living exhibition of culture and integration, Cork Multicultural Day could also serve as a Welcome Fair to those visitors who will specifically come to Cork that weekend to check out the city. This could include information stands from universities, colleges and schools, city and county information and tourist stands, careers stand, housing and renting advice, start your own business, Cork Convention & Diaspora stands, social, leisure and night-out stands etc.

We intend to promote and support conditions that will allow for multiple cultures to co-exist together, engage in cross –cultural dialogue, avoid segregation, racism and discrimination which are key indicators of integration in any society.

Racism in all its form hinders the realisation of a person’s socio-economic and cultural rights. Ireland is different from most other European countries when it comes to integration. All nationalities, including the Irish are living side by side along each other. There is absence of concentration of a group of people in an area and we aim for our event to promote these points and possibilities in a positive and engaging way.

Competition Time

If you would like to enter our competition, download our entry form and send it to 5 Brooklodge Drive, Glanmire, Co. Cork or send it to

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Multicultural Ireland

Multicultural Ireland is a constituted group with a strong management committee committed to increasing communication, tolerance & understanding of different cultures & faiths.